Assessing Clinton’s Bounce in the Polls Following the First Presidential Debate

Last week, I wrote that it was still unclear how the first debate might affect the trajectory of the Presidential race. Well, things became a bit clearer over the weekend … Continue Reading →


Will the First Debate Change the Trajectory of the Presidential Race?

This past weekend, I launched my 2016 presidential forecast. It’s a statistical model that attempts to predict who will become the next President of the United States – Democratic nominee … Continue Reading →


The Evolution of the 21st-Century Scientist

I was recently invited to be a guest blogger over at Macroscope, the official blog for American Scientist Magazine. Below is an excerpt from my post about the evolving role … Continue Reading →


The Week in Politics, According to Twitter

Well, this past week was an eventful one in U.S. politics. Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee, delved into yet another Twitter-related controversy on Saturday after tweeting an image of his … Continue Reading →


Predicting the Unexpected: A Bayesian Model to Predict the Winner of Big Brother 18

Summer is here, which means it’s once again time for everyone’s favorite Julie Chen-hosted reality show, Big Brother. Okay, maybe it’s not everyone’s favorite reality show. Maybe it’s not even … Continue Reading →

postgraduation plans

Has the Academic Job Market in Psychology Finally Bottomed Out?

Earlier this month, the National Science Foundation (NSF) released data from the 2014 Survey of Earned Doctorates, the latest edition of an annual census of individuals who receive research doctoral … Continue Reading →

mental illness violence risk

Are People with Mental Illness Dangerous? A Bayesian Approach to Tackling Stigma

As part of the ongoing effort to stop Donald Trump from becoming the Republican Presidential nominee, an ad was circulated on Facebook recently featuring pictures of his wife Malania posing … Continue Reading →

Mental Health Google hits

Which Presidential Candidates are talking about Mental Health? And What are they Saying?

Do you know someone who has been diagnosed with a psychological disorder – perhaps depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, or even Schizophrenia? If you don’t, there’s a good chance you will … Continue Reading →

San Bernadino

Mapping Automobile Accidents in the United States

Every year in December, my wife and I drive up to Scranton, Pennsylvania to spend Christmas with family and friends. We live in Raleigh, North Carolina, so the drive is … Continue Reading →

growth in scientific publishing on PubMed

Can too much science be a bad thing? Growth in scientific publishing as a barrier to science communication.

There’s no doubt we live in an exciting time of innovation and discovery. With thousands of academic journals currently in print, more scientific research is published today than ever before. … Continue Reading →